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I received this email and noticed the error in the address line. It is correct in the body of the email, so obviously someone knew the right way to spell it or perhaps they were just taking a 50/50 chance knowing that one of them would be right and hoping no one would notice.

UES Stakeholers

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2 Responses to Grammar Giggle – Stakeholers

  1. Linda Beal says:

    Where have all the editors gone???? This was the opening paragraph of a story in the Burlington (VT) Free Press today. There are so many problems with this sentence that I don’t even know where to begin!

    “Bright yellow police tape stood out among gray puddles on Greene Street, where it wrapped a gray-blue house with mailboxes that were filled to the brim with letters on Sunday. ”

    The rest of the article was no better, including “. . . there was no signs of a home break-in or of an altercation . . .”

    I enjoy your blog immensely. It’s good to know other people care about the demise of good grammar! Thanks!

    • says:

      Oh my! It is sad that either as a cost saving move or just stupiity editors have gone the way of good grammar education. Thanks for your kind words, Linda.