Grammar Giggle – Biscuitier

I’m all for a play on words in retail advertising. I smile or laugh when I “get it.” But I saw this one recently in my travels and had an issue with it. Why is there a comma after “biscuitier”? You can say “bigger and biscuitier” but would you really say “bigger and biscuitier and biscuit”? I think the comma between “bigger” and “biscuitier” is enough.


Grammar Giggle – Less Than Correct

I saw this billboard on a local freeway and it begs the constant argument about when to use less and when to use fewer. Fewer should be used when you are talking about things that can be counted. Grammar Girl calls them “count nouns.” Less is used when you are talking about things that cannot necessarily be individually counted. Grammar Girl calls those “mass nouns.” So when you’re talking about four years, and you can count the years, it makes fewer the correct choice. See the whole blog post about when to use less and fewer here.

Less than

Grammar Giggle – Restroom’s

As you may know, rogue apostrophes are my pet peeve. I took this picture myself on a recent shopping trip. The apostrophe is not necessary to make that word plural.


Grammar Giggle – Rapping Paper

I wondered if this was another commercial venture of the Kardashian/West clan, but it just looks like a small mistake.

Grammar Giggle – Bowel Brushes

My cousin sent this one to me. No, thank you!

Grammar Giggle – Invitaional

My grandson was in a wrestling tournament this weekend and his dad posted the bracket and this little error caught my eye.

Grammar Giggle – Seperate

This was on the packaging of a recent purchase. I even did a Google search to make sure it wasn’t a new word, but the definition I found said: “Separate is often misspelled as seperate, a word that has no meaning and is simply a misspelling.”


Grammar Giggle – Who New?

My daughter sent this to me from a CVS ad. I think they may be trying for a play on words, but I don’t think that works either. At least I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that someone there didn’t just make a really dumb mistake.