Grammar Giggle – I’m Pretty Sure This Isn’t From Apple

I got this email recently. I, of course, checked the return address (which wasn’t Apple), but I already knew that because of all of the errors in one paragraph. It is pretty obviously either translated from a foreign language or a foreign country’s resident’s attempt at English. Whichever it was, I wasn’t fooled!

Grammar Giggle – Arizona, Arkansas, At Least They Both Start With “A”

Although I suppose this sweatshirt sentiment could be correct, I’m doubtful that there are that many Arkansas girls who love Arizona–although I am sure there are some who love flip flops and wine!

Grammar Giggles – Menu Troubles

I recently hit the jackpot on menu errors when I found three in the same menu. First, it appears they only offer you one brussel sprout and then they spell that wrong. It should be Brussels (named after the city of Brussels) sprout.

Creamed Brussel Sprout with Bacon

Then, they off a “blackend” shrimp risotto, even though they spelled it “blackened” in the description.

Blackend Shrimp Risotto should be blackened

And finally, they offered the rainbow trout with “oyser” mushrooms. It should be “oyster” mushrooms.

Oyser mushroom should be oyster mushroom

It is never my intent to make fun of any establishment–just to use these errors to teach you something–so I have marked out the name of the restaurant. And regardless of the errors, the food was delicious!