Grammar Giggle – It’s Going To Be HOT!

Once again my favorite news station gives me some material. The weather person realized the mistake, but couldn’t do anything about it. I’m thinking the temperature was supposed to be 60 degrees, but I guarantee the temperature shown is not a beautiful Arizona Spring day!


Grammar Giggle – Pitchet

We found this error on a drink menu at a restaurant we recently visited. Perhaps if they’re going to abbreviate “glass” to be “gls,” they should abbreviate “pitcher” to be”pit.” That would at least fix this error.


Grammar Giggle – Whooper

My news station of choice always keeps me in material. This time it was a story about Burger King’s plan to distribute toothpaste that tastes like a Whopper (it was an April Fool’s joke). While the name of the toothpaste here is correct, the headline on the screen is not. Whoops . . . I mean Whooper!


Grammar Giggle – Trutsee

A loyal Proof That follower sent this to me. She says that the word “trustee” is spelled correctly on the reverse side of the sign.

Trustee (1)

Grammar Giggle – Insert Title Here

I recently received a email from Bluehost which I actually read. I found this at the end of the email. I regularly see this as “Dear [INSERT NAME HERE],” but I don’t usually see it for the sender’s own phone number.