Grammar Giggle – Gentleman’s Club

Sorry fellas. It looks like this special club is for only one gentleman at a time. Otherwise, it would be a “gentlemen’s” club. I found this one on my Bar Rescue marathon recently. I particularly liked that Jon Taffer, the star of the show, mentioned that it was misspelled. Now whether he knew that or one of the people working behind the scenes mentioned it, I don’t know, but they did and it caught my attention. When making a word possessive, start with the correct root word. In this case, since the club is for gentlemEn, it should be a gentlemen’s club. And it SHOULD have an apostrophe!

Grammar Giggle – His Injuries Injuries

This was in a breaking news story recently. I’m really not sure what they were trying to say, but a simple spell check SHOULD have found this and a pair of eyes actually reading the content WOULD have found it.


Grammar Giggle – Hopin’

I saw this sign in a local store. I’m pretty sure they mean “hoppin'” because (a) there’s a bunny and (b) the bunny is one of the symbols of Easter and bunnies who hop go “hopping.” They at least did include the apostrophe to indicate the missing “g,” but what a difference the second “p” makes.



Grammar Giggle – Board?

A friend sent this to me. She said that she┬áreads a lot of medical records and sometimes the “typist” has some really bad errors that make it hard to understand. She said this appears to be standard questions that were asked, but you can see the error. Just because it passes spell check doesn’t mean it’s the right word!


Grammar Giggle – Trucks Ambulances

This was in a recent breaking news story from my local television news station. It looks to me like they were trying to replace “fire trucks” with “ambulances” and failed.

trucks ambulances2

Grammar Giggle – Certifide

My son passed this on to me after he had mentioned the error to one of the people involved, who then said, “You are your mom’s kid for sure.” I’m so proud!