Grammar Giggle – Arizona Diamonadbacks

I found this when looking at the catering menu for the suites at Chase Field for an Arizona Diamondbacks game event. The one thing you always should get right is the name of the team for which you are catering food to its fans.

Grammar Giggle – Eclipse

In a timely finding on my local news station, this was one of their headline stories. Unfortunately, a lunar eclipse is when the earth sits between the sun and the moon while a solar eclipse is when the moon sits between the Earth and the sun. Today’s event (which the station has talked about all week) is a SOLAR eclipse.

Grammar Giggle – Teaching Us Lesions

A friend sent me this from an article she was reading. This is something spellcheck wouldn’t catch, and is probably something the author read knowing what it was supposed to say, so that’s what the author saw. Perhaps taking a step away for some time would have helped the author read what it actually said.

Grammar Giggle – Informaiton

A friend sent this to me. They got it right in one place, but obviously not in the other. Maybe they should be hiring a proofreader instead.

Grammar Giggle – Testing While Walking

If it were actually testing while walking, I might fail. Sometimes I have trouble walking. However, as you see by the second circled word, they meant TEXTING while walking. #azfamily #proofread #proofthatblog

Grammar Giggle – Underling

This was in a document received in my office. The worst part is that they were attempting to bring attention to the fact that important language was underlined and instead they brought attention to the fact that they can’t spell underlining. An underling would be the lowly associate who probably drafted the document. This is a great example of your brain thinking it knows what it is supposed to say so you see that, even though that’s not what it actually says.

Grammar Giggle – What Do the Trumps Own?

My news station seems to have had trouble last week and used an apostrophe to make a proper noun plural rather than to show ownership (which would require an apostrophe). #azfamily #proofread #grammargiggle #proofthat

Grammar Giggle – Vacuum

My news station is keeping me in lots of material this week. Here is the headline for a story about the Roomba Vacuum. And that’s as in ONE “c,” not two. #azfamily #proofread #grammargiggle #proofthat

Grammar Giggle – Stake Your Steak

I saw this one in a Facebook ad. “Steak” is food and “stake” is a rod in the ground to support something.



Grammar Giggles – Hiring Mangers

My sister took this picture in the window of a WalMart hair salon. She wonders if they are already hiring for Christmas? She also thinks that a dollar sign wouldn’t be amiss.

Hiring Mangers