Grammar Giggle – Rapping Paper

I wondered if this was another commercial venture of the Kardashian/West clan, but it just looks like a small mistake.

Grammar Giggle – Bowel Brushes

My cousin sent this one to me. No, thank you!

Grammar Giggle – Invitaional

My grandson was in a wrestling tournament this weekend and his dad posted the bracket and this little error caught my eye.

Grammar Giggle – Seperate

This was on the packaging of a recent purchase. I even did a Google search to make sure it wasn’t a new word, but the definition I found said: “Separate is often misspelled as seperate, a word that has no meaning and is simply a misspelling.”


Grammar Giggle – Who New?

My daughter sent this to me from a CVS ad. I think they may be trying for a play on words, but I don’t think that works either. At least I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that someone there didn’t just make a really dumb mistake.


Grammar Giggle – Black Friday Tip

I couldn’t resist this Black Friday advice. Seriously! They can spell “inconvenience” correctly, but can’t spell “exact”?



Grammar Giggle – Happy Thanksgiving

So many errors in one word, but suffice it to say that Proof That blog and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.