Grammar Giggle – Licence

While licence is not exactly INcorrect in that it is correct in, for example, Britain, Canada, and South Africa, this truck was in Mesa, Arizona, part of the United States, where license is correct.


Grammar Giggle – Mental Heal Professional

A friend sent this line from something she received at work. Spell check would not find this one so sometimes you just need to read things before you send them out.

Mental heal professional

Grammar Giggle – Demons

This is a great example of why font matters. The word is correct except the font used makes it look wrong. Appearance in any document makes a difference, so print it out and look at it to make sure there isn’t a weird font or inconsistent spacing. As for the demons/lemons, I would be kind of afraid to buy them.


Grammar Giggle – Cricles

Not one, but TWO, errors in the same headline on my news station. I’m sure this is all intentional to keep me in material. They misspelled not only “circle,” but “from.” Neither of those is difficult, but “form”is an example of a misspelled word by context, but a real word that spell check would not catch–but a human looking at their work should.

Proof That proofreading blog Grammar Giggle

Grammar Giggle – Administor

Apparently someone decided a syllable in the word “administrator” wasn’t really necessary. And I don’t think it was the state saving letters to save money.



Grammar Giggle – Wildifre

My local news station comes through for me again with this misspelling that would have been caught both by actually looking at it AND by using spellcheck. #proofread #proofthatblog #azfamily


Replay Thursday

Thursday ReplayIt’s time for a review of recent blog posts just in case you’ve missed them. We call this Replay Thursday. Here are posts from Proof That proofreading blog and 60 Is The New 60 blog during the past week.

Grammar Giggle – Weeknd

Grammar Giggle – Friend Chicken

Confusing Words Of The Week


Grammar Giggle – Friend Chicken

My cousin sent this one to me. I love friends and I love fried chicken (it is my death row meal), but “friend chicken” scares me a little bit. Again, the word is not misspelled, it is just no the right word. You need to read for context to make sure it is the right word.