Grammar Giggle – Phoenix or Pheonix?

This was in an email I received. Because I live near Phoenix and work there, I noticed this right away. I also noticed that it is right in four other places and wrong in the very first line.

Phoenix guide2

Grammar Giggle – Forty’s and 70s

My brother sent me this one. I loved this drive in theater and spent many a date night there . . . but enough about that. There were so many errors in these two sentences. Here are my edits to it:

  • “Opened” should not be capitalized. There is a comma right ahead of it, so I’m assuming it is a continuation of the same sentence and part of a series.
  • Naming a decade is done as “the 1940s,” “the forties,” or the “the ’40s.”
  • “It’s” means “it is.”
  • “Til” I’m assuming is some kind of abbreviation for “until,” although it isn’t correct unless it begins with an apostrophe indicating that “un” is missing–’til.

Pioneer drive in

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I’m spending time with my family, but I wanted to take a minute to let you all know that again this year, I am extremely grateful for you–the Proof That reader. Thank you for continuing to read the blog and especially thank you to those of you who send me Grammar Giggles, tell me that you learned something, or take the time to seek me out if you see me in person to let me know that you read the blog. Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving commas

Grammar Giggle – Close Profanity

My daughter sent this one to me. My neighbors may think they live in “close profanity” to me, but I’m pretty sure they meant to say “close proximity.”

Close Profanity

Replay Thursday

Thursday ReplayIt’s time for a review of recent blog posts just in case you’ve missed them. We call this Replay Thursday. Here are posts from Proof That proofreading blog during the past week.

Grammar Giggle – Discriminiation

Grammar Giggle – Sex Clams

Confusing Words of the Week

Random Thoughts

Grammar Giggle – Payements

My news station comes through again. Apparently they have a different program or person proofreading titles than proofreading subtitles. It is spelled right there.