Grammar Giggle – There’re

This showed up for me recently. I’m not sure what the attraction would be to make a contraction from “there are” when you are only taking out the “a” and adding the apostrophe. And do people really say “there’re” instead of “there are”?


Grammar Giggle – Art’s and Sport’s

This was in a restaurant ad that I found on their homepage. One more time, you don’t make words plural by adding an apostrophe.


Grammar Giggle – You’re Supporting What?

A friend sent this to me. While I understand what they were TRYING to say, the way it is worded says the exact opposite. This is why it is important to review your writing or have someone else do it to make sure you’re saying what you want to say.



Grammar Giggle Week – Where Does These Go?

This was in a Google Alert for information on clients at work and the headline caught my eye . . . and immediately gave me a headache.


Grammar Giggle Week – May 5018

I was researching some law firm awards recently and came upon this one. These people will be waiting a very long time for publication of their 2018 awards.


Grammar Giggle Week – Telsa

Yes, this is from the same local news station. I don’t imagine Elon Musk would be very happy about this one.


Grammar Giggle Week – Day 1

Since I will be getting ready for and attending my NALS Conference here in the Phoenix area, this will be Grammar Giggle week! Today’s Grammar Giggle is from my local news station. Since I didn’t care enough about this story to wait for it, I’m not positive that the first word is supposed to be “Is,” but it doesn’t make any sense the way it is here.


Grammar Giggle – It’s

This is a very common error I see. The apostrophe here is for a contraction. It’s is a contraction for “It is.” But that doesn’t fit in the restaurant’s advertisement. “Its” is the possessive form of the pronoun “it.”