Grammar Giggle – Moral

This was in an email that I received at work from a local business publication. I’m pretty sure they mean to say “morale,” but that’s not what it says.


Grammar Giggle – Specilaty Displays

I received this from a local hotel in response to my request for information for our holiday party. At first, I only noticed that “specialty” was misspelled. Then once I started looking at it, I saw several instances of “displays serves” when it should be “displays serve.”


Grammar Giggle – Oopsie Daisy

I found this on a friend’s Facebook page and he gave me permission to use it. Besides what the heck is an “Oopsie Daisy,” who am I supposed to let know? Perhaps you mean the store’s personnel?


Grammar Giggle – Search and Replace

This is a photo of my error. I did a global search and replace to replace “Company” with “City” and this shows the danger of doing that without checking what was replaced.


Grammar Giggle – From From

This is a perfect example of not reading the final heading (or headline in this case). It looks like the headline was changed around, but no one actually read the end result.


Replay Thursday

Thursday ReplayIt’s time for a review of recent blog posts just in case you’ve missed them. We call this Replay Thursday. Here are posts from Proof That proofreading blog and 60 Is The New 60 blog during the past week.