Grammar Giggles – Employer: Show Us What YOU’VE Got!

This one comes from Twitter. It seems to me that if you’re going to have a job application that asks people to proofread their answers, the least you could do is proofread the instructions.

Job Application

Grammar Giggles – Please Read The Sign Please

Another sign furnished by my granddaughter from the mail room at her apartment complex. Not only do they ask you super politely to not use this door by saying please twice, but they ask you to used the other door all while they are able to spell inconvenience correctly.

Used other door

Grammar Giggles – Old Fashion

I saw this sign at a local car wash and it reminded me of Guest Blogger Kerie Trindle Byrne’s article “Is Good Grammar Old-Fashion or Old-Fashioned?” The sign is advertising what seems to be a valid service except I’m pretty sure they are advertising a gentleman with a stool and a polishing cloth, which is an “old-fashioned” shoe shine.


Grammar Giggles – Albuquer . . . Wait, Where?

Driving down a main Phoenix street the other day and this caught my eye. Probably because a family member lives in Albuquerque so I actually use it more than usual and have to say it in my head by syllable to get it right, but obviously the sign painter for this local bus company didn’t pronounce the syllables correctly.

bus bus2

Grammar Giggles – Email Matters

Make sure you check ALL parts of an email before you send it. And make sure your autosignature is correct! This was in an email I received from local counsel’s office–more than once. I finally told this person so we’ll see if it is changed in the next email or if I just offended them.