Grammar Giggles – Formerly Extend?

From Twitter.  In honor of back to school time, here is another example of higher education proofreading problems. In my book, schools have a special standard with respect to English usage and grammar and THIS is not it. Perhaps they should focus more on academics and less on extracurricular activities. Oh well, off my soapbox. This picture shows how easy it is to confuse words that sound similar but don’t mean the same thing and proves that it never hurts to have someone else review important work.

Univ of Virginia2

Grammar Giggles – The Royal Birth

I couldn’t resist passing this one on.  I’m not sure if they call the hospital delivery areas “Labor iPods” in England or if Kate’s iPod and laptop were delivered while she was in labor (and is this really headline news?).  Use of commas can make a difference!

Labor iPod

Grammar Giggles – Don’t Get Lost in Flordia

This makes me wonder how many people this project went through before it was finalized, which proves that sometimes a fresh pair of eyes (yours or someone else’s) is the best proofreading tool.

Flordia sign

Grammar Giggles – Excepting Applications

Found this one on Twitter.  I love that these apartments are directing themselves to “professional people” but don’t use the right word–“accepting”–in their literature.

The Lofts Essex

GRAMMAR GIGGLES – Name a Princess, Any Princess

Everything may be spelled correctly, but perfect spelling does not make things right.  This is not Princess Beatrice, but Sue Sylvester might call him Princess Will . . .
Princess Beatrice

GRAMMAR GIGGLES – Happy Independence Day!

While you’re thinking about all the great food you will consume for the 4th of July holiday, think about the “Food that you should twice about eating.”  Leaving words out makes it hard to read their message.

Food you should think

Grammar Giggles – The Party Did What?

As some of you know, last week I started a new job that has really sucked the extra energy out of me. With apologies for not posting at all last week, I’m hoping some of you missed your “Proof It” fix and promise that I will make a concerted effort to research and post the blog post on Wednesday and to post two Grammar Giggles–one today and one on Friday. Thanks for your support! On to your Monday Grammar Giggle.

This was sent to me by a friend who received it from opposing counsel. It makes me wonder what this even means. It is incorrectly plural and incorrectly possessive. I can’t help but be embarrassed for this firm that this work product came out of their office–and I don’t even know which firm it is.


Grammar Giggles – Toco Bell

I looked at this several times before I figured out what was wrong. Then I looked at the actual Taco Bell website to make sure it was wrong and it wasn’t just me thinking that I knew what it was supposed to be. Then I just shook my head (which I do with a whole lot of these Grammar Giggles).

Locos Tocos                          Locos Tacos

Grammar Giggles – Surgery??

Here is the first page of a court document floating around on Twitter. I’m pretty sure it should say “back” surgery, but I suppose the other detail fits so I could be wrong. This is another example of just how important it is to actually read something before it is filed.


Grammar Giggles – Some States Should NOT Allow Mexican Food Restaurants

A friend visiting Ohio sent me a picture of the menu at a Mexican restaurant there. Living in Arizona, Mexican food is a staple and I’ve read lots of Mexican food menus in my lifetime. I’ve never seen anything like this and as much as I love jalapeno poppers, I don’t think I’d try them at a place that calls them “jalapeno pooppers.”

Ohio Mexican Food