Grammar Giggles – Too Bad It’s Not Candid Camera

This week’s Grammar Giggle was found on Twitter (which is a virtual treasure trove of material). Can you spot the error? Then smile!

Grammar Giggles – Would You Like Hors D’oeuvres With That?

On the executive floor of a hotel I recently stayed in, this sign was on the lounge door. I had to look a couple of times because while it didn’t look right, I (and obviously others) have a difficult time spelling the word correctly. A quick Google search confirmed that it was, indeed, incorrectly spelled.

Grammar Giggles – They’re Paying for This Education?

It’s frightening when you see grammar/spelling errors associated with educational institutions. Whoever was in charge of this should have received a refund of a portion of their college tuition.

Grammar Giggles – TV Schedule

One of the funniest parts about this television schedule I found in a hotel room last weekend is that my granddaughter who is in the third grade is the one who found it. Perhaps she could get a job proofreading for the Hampton Inn!

Grammar Giggles – Bus Signs

Several people sent this to me, so it was obviously time to share it. Bus signs are good for making money for the bus companies, but please have someone proofread before the signs are shared with the public. Please!

Grammar Giggles – Firffighters

Thanks to my friend Caryn in California. I’ve looked at this several times to make sure it wasn’t just that the bottom of the “e” rubbed off, but it looks to me like it is intentionally a “f.” I’m thinking that California saved a ton of money by leaving the bottom line off.

Grammar Giggles – Meetingingings

I find something wrong with every line, but “meetinging”? Seriously? I’m telling you–the local news channels are my greatest source of Grammar Giggles material.