Confusing Words Of The Week

It’s time for “Confusing Words of the Week” where I take a set of two or three words that get confused and give you definitions and try to give you a memory trick to help you remember when to use which word. If you have words that confuse you, use the Ask PTB tab on the website or send an email to and they may appear here soon!

This week’s words are:

  • Flier – a pilot
    • Her grandfather was a flier in World War II.
  • Flyer – an advertising brochure
    • The flyer didn’t have the event’s start time.

Memory tips:

  • Flier – Remember the “i” in Flier is like the “i” in Pilot
  • Flyer – Just think about all the advertising brochures you get and how you would like to fold them into paper airplanes that look kind of like the letter “y” upside down–and they don’t need a flier

Grammar Giggle – Lasick

This came in an email. Since they spelled the name of the sender company “Lasick Vision Institute,” I checked to see if there was a company spelled that way. As surprising as this might be, I did not find one. What’s worse is that they spelled it correctly in the body of the email.

Grammar Giggle – Who Is Staying In Jail?

I saw this one on Twitter. Everything is spelled correctly, nothing would trigger spell check, and free Grammarly didn’t catch it, but this headline is really unclear about exactly who will remain in jail. I mean, obviously, the judge is not in jail and Mr. Epstein is, so we can assume they are talking about Mr. Epstein, but that’s not really what it says. Read literally, the judge denied bail and will remain in jail pending trial.