Grammar Giggle – Menus

I went to lunch recently and saw this menu. While the proper version is “house-made,” which means something is prepared in the establishment in which it is sold, while “homemade” is something made in a home. In other words, it appears three different ways–including the correct way–all on one page. And the original error I found was “quinoa” misspelled one line below where it is spelled correctly.


Grammar Giggle – Phoenix or Pheonix?

This was in an email I received. Because I live near Phoenix and work there, I noticed this right away. I also noticed that it is right in four other places and wrong in the very first line.

Phoenix guide2

Grammar Giggle – Forty’s and 70s

My brother sent me this one. I loved this drive in theater and spent many a date night there . . . but enough about that. There were so many errors in these two sentences. Here are my edits to it:

  • “Opened” should not be capitalized. There is a comma right ahead of it, so I’m assuming it is a continuation of the same sentence and part of a series.
  • Naming a decade is done as “the 1940s,” “the forties,” or the “the ’40s.”
  • “It’s” means “it is.”
  • “Til” I’m assuming is some kind of abbreviation for “until,” although it isn’t correct unless it begins with an apostrophe indicating that “un” is missing–’til.

Pioneer drive in

Grammar Giggle – Payements

My news station comes through again. Apparently they have a different program or person proofreading titles than proofreading subtitles. It is spelled right there.


Grammar Giggle – Happy Halloween

A special holiday edition of Grammar Giggles. My son forwarded this one to me. When you know there’s a “B” in the word, but it’s silent so you’re not sure where it goes. Crazy scary error! Happy Halloween!