Grammar Giggle – Cemetary

A loyal Proof That reader sent this to me. For some reason, I always hold teachers and government workers to a higher standard. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. And I always like to check to make sure there isn’t another meaning for what I think is a misspelled word, but this at the top of my Google search says it all:

Grammar Giggle – Foutain Drinks

I caught this picture at a gas station in Albuquerque this past weekend. One thing they had going for them is that it was the same on two sides of the sign and consistency is a good thing. At first I thought it might have been a spacing issue, particularly since another side of the sign spelled “Red Bul” with only one “t,” but looking at the picture again, I don’t really think that is it.

Grammar Giggle – Didgital

While I was shopping at a local grocery store with my daughter recently, I came upon this sign. The correct word is “digital,” meaning “relating to or using calculation directly with digits rather than through measurable physical quantities” ( (emphasis added).

Grammar Giggle – When You Know Something’s Just Not Right

I recently received this email. I could immediately tell from the return address on what showed up in my email as “Wellsfrago Loan Company” that something was just not right. I was correct! There is a lot not right here.