Grammar Giggle – Forty’s and 70s

My brother sent me this one. I loved this drive in theater and spent many a date night there . . . but enough about that. There were so many errors in these two sentences. Here are my edits to it:

  • “Opened” should not be capitalized. There is a comma right ahead of it, so I’m assuming it is a continuation of the same sentence and part of a series.
  • Naming a decade is done as “the 1940s,” “the forties,” or the “the ’40s.”
  • “It’s” means “it is.”
  • “Til” I’m assuming is some kind of abbreviation for “until,” although it isn’t correct unless it begins with an apostrophe indicating that “un” is missing–’til.

Pioneer drive in

Grammar Giggle – Payements

My news station comes through again. Apparently they have a different program or person proofreading titles than proofreading subtitles. It is spelled right there.


Grammar Giggle – Happy Halloween

A special holiday edition of Grammar Giggles. My son forwarded this one to me. When you know there’s a “B” in the word, but it’s silent so you’re not sure where it goes. Crazy scary error! Happy Halloween!


Grammar Giggle – Sneak Peak Part Three

Although we’ve had this same issue TWICE with a television station before, I’m sharing a new Grammar Giggle. This one came from my son, who made me so proud that he knew the difference between “peak” and “peek.” One more time, peak is the top (as in a mountain), peek is to glance quickly or furtively, and pique is resentment or to offend. I’m not aware of any sneak top or sneak resentment, but they are talking about getting a sneaky quick glance at an upcoming show–like a sneak peek!

Sneak Peak

Grammar Giggle – Jalopeno

I saw this pop up on the register as I was checking out of the grocery store recently. We’re in Arizona where jalapenos are practically in every meal (at least at my house). It would be nice to spell it correctly. #proofthatblog #grammargiggles #frysmarketplace