Grammar Giggle – Cookie’s and Short Bread

A friend sent this to me. I’m not sure why they have the apostrophe “s” on cookie and “shortbread” should be one word when you’re talking about a shortbread cookie.


Grammar Giggle – Miss Conception

I hate spam! And I receive a lot of it in my blogs. But this one caught my eye. While since the sender is “playboy casino,” I could almost understand the “miss conception” error–ALMOST–but I think the second error leaves out the word “ready.” I realize that people who spam are probably not among the most intelligent humans out there, but every once in a while it makes for good Grammar Giggle material.

miss conception

Grammar Giggle – Wedding Invitations

I recently received this wedding invitation (after I received a message warning me of the errors). While the purchaser of the invitations should definitely make sure everything is correct, it would be nice if printers had some grasp of basic grammar so that they could mention when something doesn’t look right so that the purchaser can decide how they want to do it. This bride isn’t going to let the invitation ruin her wedding, but it is a shame that it got through the process without anyone noticing.


Grammar Giggle – Clearence

I took this picture on a recent shopping trip. “Clearence” is spelled wrong–it should be “clearance” and if there was any question, they should have looked it up.


Grammar Giggle – Winery Tours

This past weekend I spent some time on winery tours. I found several Grammar Giggles to share with you.

Resturant – should be restaurant.


Picknicking – should be picnicking. Someone got carried away with the “k’s”


We had a special pairing where I found a couple of mistakes in the menu. The first made me wonder if Herman Munster was involved because it should be Muenster.


But my favorite was an absolutely amazing bite of dessert that was a cross between a brownie and fudge. As much as I thought I had “died” and gone to heaven, it really was more decadent than decedent.


Grammar Giggle – Belongs

This was a recent news story. Spell check would not catch this because “belongs” is spelled correctly. However, I believe they meant “belongings” so it is the incorrect word.