Grammar Giggle – Cabbcage and Saucce

I took these from a menu at a restaurant in Sedona, Arizona. I typically give a little more grace to restaurants where the owners may not use English as their first language, but in this case, they got in right in other places.




Grammar Giggle – Maintance

A reader sent this to me. This sign has been in her parking garage for months and she finally took a picture of it for us.

Grammar Giggle – Sepcial

A friend sent this to me from a convention. Obviously the PR Department needs to proofread!

Grammar Giggle – Moral

This was in an email that I received at work from a local business publication. I’m pretty sure they mean to say “morale,” but that’s not what it says.


Grammar Giggle – Specilaty Displays

I received this from a local hotel in response to my request for information for our holiday party. At first, I only noticed that “specialty” was misspelled. Then once I started looking at it, I saw several instances of “displays serves” when it should be “displays serve.”


Grammar Giggle – Oopsie Daisy

I found this on a friend’s Facebook page and he gave me permission to use it. Besides what the heck is an “Oopsie Daisy,” who am I supposed to let know? Perhaps you mean the store’s personnel?