Grammar Giggle – What Kind of Shot?

A friend sent this one to me. Not only do you need to be aware of leaving letters out, but you also need to be aware of slang or local language. I’m just not sure I’m brave enough to even test these shots.

Flu shots

Grammar Giggle – Suga, ah Honey Honey

A friend sent this to me and I immediately thought of the Archie’s song “Sugar, Sugar.” It doesn’t appear to be a space or margin issue, just an issue of not including all the letters and not checking to make sure it was right.


Grammar Giggle – Let’s Go Wresaling!

My brother caught this one on the evening news the other day. Perhaps it is spelled semi-phonetically, but it is very obviously wrong . . . on so many levels.


Grammar Giggle – Happy New Year!

I stole this from the “I am not a grammar cop. I am an English language enthusiast.” Facebook page, but it was all too fitting for a January 1 Grammar Giggle. Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Grammar Giggles – Merry Chirstmas!

Now that the stress of the holidays is nearly over, I can get back on track. My sister sent me this card she received in the mail. Not only did the printer not catch the error, but I assume someone paid money for these cards and sent them out to their friends and family so who knows how many of them are in circulation. All I can say is “Wow!”

Christmas card

Grammar Giggles – Thrift Shop

While visiting my daughter in Albuquerque for Thanksgiving, we were driving around (lost) and I spotted this sign and made her stop so I could get a picture. Luckily, the sign maker was at least consistent because it was the same on both sides.

Thrift Shop

Grammar Giggles – I Don’t Think the Months Are Spelled Differently in Canada

Here’s an example of a very simple error that wasn’t caught by a Toronto newspaper. This is an error that word processing spell check should actually find. Don’t always ignore the red squiggly lines–they may have a message you need to pay attention to.

Toronto Star