Grammar Giggle – Let’s Go Wresaling!

My brother caught this one on the evening news the other day. Perhaps it is spelled semi-phonetically, but it is very obviously wrong . . . on so many levels.


Grammar Giggle – Happy New Year!

I stole this from the “I am not a grammar cop. I am an English language enthusiast.” Facebook page, but it was all too fitting for a January 1 Grammar Giggle. Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Grammar Giggles – Merry Chirstmas!

Now that the stress of the holidays is nearly over, I can get back on track. My sister sent me this card she received in the mail. Not only did the printer not catch the error, but I assume someone paid money for these cards and sent them out to their friends and family so who knows how many of them are in circulation. All I can say is “Wow!”

Christmas card

Grammar Giggles – Thrift Shop

While visiting my daughter in Albuquerque for Thanksgiving, we were driving around (lost) and I spotted this sign and made her stop so I could get a picture. Luckily, the sign maker was at least consistent because it was the same on both sides.

Thrift Shop

Grammar Giggles – I Don’t Think the Months Are Spelled Differently in Canada

Here’s an example of a very simple error that wasn’t caught by a Toronto newspaper. This is an error that word processing spell check should actually find. Don’t always ignore the red squiggly lines–they may have a message you need to pay attention to.

Toronto Star

Grammar Giggles – Dear Radford University, It’s Spelled “Virginia”!

I always am particularly disheartened when schools make simple grammatical errors. Perhaps it is just that I have a higher standard for educational institutions. Here is an example of why. If I had received this diploma after four years of hard work, I would not be happy. Of all the things that should be spelled correctly, the state you are in should be at the top.

Radford University

Grammar Giggles – Daylight Saving Time Reminders and Chickens–I Think.

This was all over Facebook and since this is the clock “falling back” weekend for most of the US, I thought it was appropriate–well, appropriate for a lesson. Since I’m an Arizona native and Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time, perhaps moving chickens is another part of the ritual. However, I honestly think this is a perfect example of what a difference one letter can make.

Daylight Savings

Grammar Giggles – Dear Wendy’s, Are Brains Cannot Handle Your Signs!

A friend sent this Giggle to me.  While “are” and “our” are sometimes confusing, this is really basic 4th grade (or lower!) English stuff.