Grammar Giggle – For Tour

Another local news story. I think this error is supposed to be “first,” but I’m not sure how to tell. Proofreading means reading for content as well as checking for spelling and grammar issues.


Grammar Giggle – Honary

I saw this recently and snapped a quick picture. I’m sure it is supposed to say “honorary,” but a couple of letters are missing. Apparently, that is a frequent error because when I checked Google to make sure it wasn’t a word that I didn’t know about, the first thing that came up was “How to spell honary correctly.”


Grammar Giggle – Every Day

On a recent trip to Albuquerque, we visited the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. While I was there because my husband was very interested in it, I used it more as an opportunity to check for potential Grammar Giggles. I was successful. As I’ve written about previously, everyday means commonplace or ordinary as in an everyday occurrence and every day means something that happens every single day or each day. In this case, they really mean ordinary or commonplace life. The comma with “Site ‘Y’,” is an extra. Besides the fact that if it needed a comma there, it would be inside the ending quotation marks,it really doesn’t need a comma there at all. They are talking about “Site ‘Y’ as it was called during the war,” but there does not need to be a comma after “Y.”

Los Alamos

Grammar Giggle – I Love . . . What??

A friend sent this one to me. It’s crazy to me that some people don’t check merchandise for errors before it is manufactured and then expect to make tons of money from it.

Grammar Giggle – Firom

This was in our local newspaper. I didn’t see it at first because my brain expected to read “from,” but that’s not what it says and is a perfect example of why proofreading–and actually reading–your work.


Grammar Giggle – Hey Cabanna Boy!

I found this on a rack near checkout at a craft store recently. I will admit I did look it up to make sure it was incorrect, but, alas, it is. Cabana only has one “n” in it.

Cabanna boy

Grammar Giggle – Mental Heal Professional

A friend sent this line from something she received at work. Spell check would not find this one so sometimes you just need to read things before you send them out.

Mental heal professional