Grammar Giggle – Our You Sure You Spelled Are Correctly?

My sister took this picture in her work elevator. I take comfort in the fact that someone else knew enough to correct the error. Too bad they didn’t have a red Proof That sharpie!



Grammar Giggle – Your Not Speaking My Language

A friend sent this one to me. This is the exact opposite of the error usually made with the you/you’re/your choices.


Grammar Giggle – Art’s and Sport’s

This was in a restaurant ad that I found on their homepage. One more time, you don’t make words plural by adding an apostrophe.


Grammar Giggle Week – Telsa

Yes, this is from the same local news station. I don’t imagine Elon Musk would be very happy about this one.


Grammar Giggle Week – Day 1

Since I will be getting ready for and attending my NALS Conference here in the Phoenix area, this will be Grammar Giggle week! Today’s Grammar Giggle is from my local news station. Since I didn’t care enough about this story to wait for it, I’m not positive that the first word is supposed to be “Is,” but it doesn’t make any sense the way it is here.


Grammar Giggle – It’s

This is a very common error I see. The apostrophe here is for a contraction. It’s is a contraction for “It is.” But that doesn’t fit in the restaurant’s advertisement. “Its” is the possessive form of the pronoun “it.”




Grammar Giggle – Inconcince

A friend sent this to me after she saw it at a restaurant. It’s really a shame that dictionaries are not used when they are so easily available on the cell phones most people carry like they’re an appendage. It’s easy to check on something that you might not be sure of.