Grammar Giggle – Reciept

As I was paying to get out of a parking garage last weekend, I noticed this common misspelling. This word really DOES follow the “i before e except after c” rule.


Grammar Giggle – At Least One Word Is Right

I saw this while looking at my local Facebook Marketplace. I clicked to see what it was and was greeted with this. It should be “metal fruit bowl.” But it’s not, so no thank you!

Medal Fruit Bowel

Grammar Giggle – Comming Soon

A friend of my son’s sent this to him from Louisiana. I always think it is a shame when people spend big money on huge banners that have misspellings.

Comming Soon

Grammar Giggle – Military Unintelligence

My cousin sent this one to me. Seems to me that if “intelligence” is part of the name of your event, you would figure out how to spell it correctly. This is particularly important if you are spending the money for such a big banner.

Military intelligence

Grammar Giggle – Lincensed

A friend sent this to me. Apparently, this company is not a master of spelling! It is pretty important that businesses at least spell things correctly.


Grammar Giggle – Congratulate Your Gaad

A friend sent this to me from her cousin’s graduation party. Apparently, they have had this sign since their first child graduated.  It is their family funny and now it is a Grammar Giggle.


Grammar Giggle – The Correct Name of The City on the Diploma Would Be Nice!

This was on my local news station. Apparently, another Arizona city high school had a slight problem with their diplomas–they all spelled the name of the city wrong. It should be “Tucson” but is spelled “Tuscon.” I apologize for the quality of the picture so you can’t really see it well. The banners on news programs sometimes drive me crazy because they always seem to cover something up.



Grammar Giggle – Spainish 

I have not shared Grammar Giggles from my European vacation because English is not their primary language so I was generous with any small errors I saw. However, on the Big Bus tour, I found this error. Since they are a large company with offices worldwide (including the US), I’m not so ready to cut them as much slack. So when I saw this one, the phone camera came out.