Grammar Giggle – Inconcince

A friend sent this to me after she saw it at a restaurant. It’s really a shame that dictionaries are not used when they are so easily available on the cell phones most people carry like they’re an appendage. It’s easy to check on something that you might not be sure of.


Grammar Giggle – Cabbcage and Saucce

I took these from a menu at a restaurant in Sedona, Arizona. I typically give a little more grace to restaurants where the owners may not use English as their first language, but in this case, they got in right in other places.




Grammar Giggle – Maintance

A reader sent this to me. This sign has been in her parking garage for months and she finally took a picture of it for us.

Grammar Giggle – Sepcial

A friend sent this to me from a convention. Obviously the PR Department needs to proofread!

Grammar Giggle – Moral

This was in an email that I received at work from a local business publication. I’m pretty sure they mean to say “morale,” but that’s not what it says.