Grammar Giggle – Brining Animals

This was in a Google Alert I get. When I clicked on the headline link, it was correct there, but it obviously wasn’t in my Alert. “Brining” is to soak something in a salty water mixture to add flavor and to tenderize it. I’m sure that is not what they meant.

Brining service animal

Grammar Giggle – The News Station Should be “Facin” the Fact That They Got It Wrong

Another news story on my local station recently gave me this gem. The ONLY time it would be appropriate to use “Facin” without the ending “g” would be in very informal writing and using an apostrophe to indicate the “g” was missing. But, honestly, there isn’t a good reason to leave the “g” off.


Grammar Giggle – Clicks

My news station comes through again. This story was about a high school student who was bullied in middle school and who developed an app to help other students meet to “sit with us.” Great concept, right? But I think what the news station meant to emphasize was the “cliques” of middle school and high school. A “clique” is, according to,  “a small, exclusive group of people.” The kind of group who would bully people and tell them “you can’t sit with us,” the “mean girl” kind of group. So while I appreciate their continuing assistance in future Grammar Giggles (I already have two from earlier this week that will come soon), I can just shake my head and wince when I see it on TV.

Cafeteria Clicks

Grammar Giggle – Pinapples

I saw this when shopping at Home Goods recently. At least they got it right in one place. All that copper finish must have distracted them.


Grammar Giggle – Priot, Prio . . ., Before

A friend sent me this picture she snapped on the freeway in Phoenix recently. I’m not sure exactly what they were trying to say here, but am assuming it was “prior.” But it is not.

Road sign

Grammar Giggle – Beauty Shop Deels

A friend snapped this picture and sent it to me. I realize that English is probably not the owner’s first language, but when you are advertising in English, someone should make sure things are correct.

Hair specials

Grammar Giggle – Menus

I went to lunch recently and saw this menu. While the proper version is “house-made,” which means something is prepared in the establishment in which it is sold, while “homemade” is something made in a home. In other words, it appears three different ways–including the correct way–all on one page. And the original error I found was “quinoa” misspelled one line below where it is spelled correctly.


Grammar Giggle – Solider

I caught this on my favorite nightly news station. Since I was listening to the story, I can tell you that the word they wanted was “soldier.”


Grammar Giggle – Phoenix or Pheonix?

This was in an email I received. Because I live near Phoenix and work there, I noticed this right away. I also noticed that it is right in four other places and wrong in the very first line.

Phoenix guide2