Grammar Giggle – I’m Pretty Sure This Isn’t From Apple

I got this email recently. I, of course, checked the return address (which wasn’t Apple), but I already knew that because of all of the errors in one paragraph. It is pretty obviously either translated from a foreign language or a foreign country’s resident’s attempt at English. Whichever it was, I wasn’t fooled!

Grammar Giggle – Arizona, Arkansas, At Least They Both Start With “A”

Although I suppose this sweatshirt sentiment could be correct, I’m doubtful that there are that many Arkansas girls who love Arizona–although I am sure there are some who love flip flops and wine!

Confusing Words Of The Week

It’s time for “Confusing Words of the Week” where I take a set of two or three words that get confused and give you definitions and try to give you a memory trick to help you remember when to use which word. If you have words that confuse you, use the Ask PTB tab on the website or send an email to and they may appear here soon!

This week’s words are:

  • moot – debatable; disputed (as in a moot point)
    • John’s position on office vacations was a moot point.
  • mute – unable to speak
    • Laryngitis left Susie mute.

Memory tips:

  • mOot – Open to debate; Open to discussion
  • mUte – Unable to speak