Grammar Giggles – Orlando Sentinel, Yada, Yada, Yada

There’s a time for placeholders in a draft document–but there’s also a time to remove placeholders and add the final language. This newspaper apparently missed that lesson.

Orlando Sentinel

Grammar Giggle – There/Their/They’re

It is disappointing enough when students don’t know which version of “there/their/they’re” to use on their Facebook posts, but when school instructors don’t know the difference, it does not bode well for improvement in Facebook statuses in the future.

Fitness There

Grammar Giggle – Wheels in “All” Sizes

This one is interesting because at first glance, it’s hard to tell what’s wrong, but when you really look, that’s some pretty fancy wheels for a vehicle that takes a 7″. That Barbie Corvette must be decked out!


Grammar Giggle – Memebers

I was able to catch this sign on my way to work recently. It has since been fixed, but was incorrect for several days. Maybe it is a new version of a Walgreens meme or a new name for meme followers. But I’m thinking it was just an error.



Grammar Giggles – Tombstone

I was doing a little research on Tombstone, Arizona, as a potential day trip when this jumped out at me on the City’s webpage. I’m most afraid that someone thinks this is correct because it looks the way a lot of people say it–but it’s not.


Grammar Giggle – Attention Walmart Shoppers

I’m not sure where this one came from, but it’s interesting and a perfect example of looking at things when they are “final” to make sure they are correct. It would be nice in this case to make sure the definition of “rollback” means that it WAS higher and has been rolled BACK so that it is now less expensive.


Grammar Giggles – Auto Galss

This one came from Twitter. It is hard to believe that not only did a sign maker make the error, but the business owner has not removed it and demanded that it be corrected.

Auto Galss

Grammar Giggles – Grammar Check?

I found this on Twitter and it really highlights why you shouldn’t exclusively rely on word processing program spell check and grammar check to proofread your work.

grammar check fail