Grammar Giggle – We All Need a Little “Melp” Now and Then

This one was sent to me by one of my biggest supporters–my son–when he saw it on the Internet. We are assuming they mean “help” because a Google search of “melp” brings up a few interesting things, but none of them fit this headline. And it is a news outlet and we all know their reputation for accuracy . . .


Grammar Giggles – Breath of Contract

This is from a reader who has a real eagle eye for Grammar Giggles and sends them to me regularly. It is a great example of not relying on spell check (and also a reminder to change the setting in Word to not ignore words in all caps–although that wouldn’t have helped in this case).

Breath of Contract

Grammar Giggle – Keeping Speakers in Perspective, or Is It Prospective?

I came across this on a webpage while I was looking for potential speakers for a conference we’re working on.


Here’s the problem (according to the Gregg Reference Manual):

perspective – means to view in correct proportion

prospective – means anticipated

So I’m thinking what they are really looking for are anticipated speakers, not speakers they will view in the correct proportion (wrong on so many levels). I have emailed them about this error so they can fix it. But using it as a teaching moment, I include it here, leaving off the identifying information. My goal is never to embarrass a person or company who has an error in a public place, but to use it to teach you all what is really correct.



Grammar Giggle – Boy That’s Hot!

A friend captured this little jewel on our local news last month. With all the weird weather across the country, I thought this was timely. Check out the weather in Safford. Arizona can be hot in the summer, but not usually in December and 128 is our all-time record high. It looks like someone’s typing fingers got a little carried away.

extra warm

Grammar Giggles – Buses and Misspelled Signs

On a trip to San Francisco this past weekend, I had the opportunity to ride the bus. I love to read the signs on buses because I find a lot of “material” there. I was lucky this time as well. It took me a minute or two because I looked at the sign and finally figured out why it looked weird to me–“disabilities” is misspelled. On the plus side, they are consistent. I rode more than one bus that had the same sign with the same error. Shame on you #SFMTA!