Grammar Giggle – Superbowl Pool

Found this one on Twitter.  It starts off well, but it looks like they saved all of their errors for the last sentence. Must be an interesting closet they have for the when-ner.

Superbowl apt

Grammar Giggle – Super . . . uh . . . BOWL

This one comes from Twitter in honor of Sunday’s big game. Be careful what kind of party platters your hosts are serving!

Super Bowl

Grammar Giggle – Febuary

It’s a fact that February is the hardest month of the year to spell. My 13-year-old granddaughter sent me this one that looks like it was at one of her brother’s wrestling tournaments. I’m so proud of her for catching the mistake and I can feel her mother rolling her eyes from here! 🙂 To make matters worse, not only is February misspelled, but when you use a complete month, day, and year format for the date, you only use the number for the day without using the ordinal figure number (8th). If this sign were correct, it would say “February 8, 2014.”


Grammar Giggles – Justin . . . and Double Negatives

I found this one on Twitter and since it is so timely, I’m sharing it with you. Double negatives are where you use two negative words which generally cancel each other out. Here is a perfect example of that:


Saying “We never won’t” means we will because “we won’t” means we will not do something, but adding “never” means we will never not do something or, less confusingly, we will do it. Granted, this was probably posted by a tween (although they still should know better), but this error totally defeats the purpose of the message.

Grammar Giggle – What Kind of Shot?

A friend sent this one to me. Not only do you need to be aware of leaving letters out, but you also need to be aware of slang or local language. I’m just not sure I’m brave enough to even test these shots.

Flu shots

Grammar Giggle – Jucer

I’ve heard juicing is good for you, but I’m not sure that’s what this piece of Black & Decker equipment does. At least that’s not exactly what the label says.

Black and Decker Jucer

Grammar Giggle – Suga, ah Honey Honey

A friend sent this to me and I immediately thought of the Archie’s song “Sugar, Sugar.” It doesn’t appear to be a space or margin issue, just an issue of not including all the letters and not checking to make sure it was right.


Grammar Giggle – Is THERE Too Much Focus On Wrong Words, ESPN?

It is so disheartening that ESPN could make this error. This is the kind of error I see on Facebook a lot, but ESPN’s business is words and they should get it right. Their, there, they’re–they may all sound alike, but they are very different!


Grammar Giggle – Let’s Go Wresaling!

My brother caught this one on the evening news the other day. Perhaps it is spelled semi-phonetically, but it is very obviously wrong . . . on so many levels.


Grammar Giggle – Happy New Year!

I stole this from the “I am not a grammar cop. I am an English language enthusiast.” Facebook page, but it was all too fitting for a January 1 Grammar Giggle. Enjoy and Happy New Year!