Grammar Giggle – Occutrousers

A friend sent this to me and it highlights the danger of “replace all” in documents. It is much safer to search and replace and stop at each instance to verify that it is indeed the word that should be replaced. Otherwise, you will end up with things like this and in a legal document, that could be very bad. So be careful and take the extra time to view the replacements you’re making.

Grammar Giggle – Geographically Challenged

After a long hiatus where life and work keep getting in the way, I’m back with more Grammar Giggles and proofreading information.

The latest example of someone not paying attention was when a flight that we had booked last July for a cruise out of Athens, Greece, was changed by the airline. See the errors below:

For reference, our original flight was to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and then on to Athens. And I’m not sure how they expected us to get from Athens, GREECE, to Athens, Illinois, on the return trip. This is a major airline and I will have a hard time having them near the top of my list for future flights. As I always say–slow down and pay attention. It will help get the details right.