Grammar Giggle – Advertising Matters

I pulled this out of my mailbox this weekend and noticed three errors before I even got back to my house. When the part of an advertisement intended to catch your eye has a glaring error, it really makes the company look bad. While they were consistent with their mistake, there was another anonymous placement of a comma.



Grammar Giggle-Painting and Grammar

I recently went to a painting party. I had a great time and ended up with a beautiful picture, which I’m still not convinced I actually painted. While on a break, I noticed their scrolling information about future classes on monitors throughout the facility. I saw these two errors. Even if your business is not grammar, you have people reading everything you have there and, perhaps, making judgments about your business based on that. A review of these slides should have caught the mistakes.


Grammar Giggle – Sing Me Up For That!

Once again, my news channel comes through for me in the latest Grammar Giggle. This is proof that spell check is not all that you need to have quality work. You actually need to READ what you’ve written–in context–to make sure it is correct. “Sign” and “sing” all share the same letters, but mean completely different things.

Sing me up