Grammar Giggle – Geography is Fun!

I will be the first to admit that I am not great at geography, however, if I was the one in charge of putting together a graphic for something that potentially millions of people would see, I would do some research to confirm my facts. My daughter, who lives in New Mexico and grew up in Arizona, sent me this one. Arizona is the state with the squiggly line between it and California (otherwise known as the Colorado River) and New Mexico is more the square state with the tail. The shape of New Mexico is indeed correct, but their labeling is wrong because the state they are highlighting is New Mexico NOT Arizona, although I am sure they do, indeed, intend to highlight Arizona.

Grammar Giggle – School Troubles

I found this while I was making our annual tax credit donation to a local school. It looks like someone was in a hurry when they were putting together the information on the page. But this is really unacceptable to me. I set a much higher standard for learning institutions that are in charge of educating citizens. Misspelling “forensics” and “educators” means 20% of the choices in that dropdown menu are wrong. In addition, based on the other choices, it seems to me that the last one circled should be “Future Problem Solvers” unless there is only one member in that group solving all of the future problems. And speaking of only one member, apparently there is only one future physician in that club or it would be “Future Physicians’ Club.”

Grammar Giggle – At Least Get His Name Right!

I came across this one as I was looking for some information. It seems that if you are talking about an important person who has spent a significant amount of time in your industry, you would try to make sure his name is correct and make sure it is spelled correctly throughout. That is important not only in journalism but in the work we do as well. The very first thing a client will notice is if their name is misspelled. Just take the time to make sure names are spelled correctly. Also, the apostrophe in the second place the name appears is unnecessary and sounds inappropriate in this article. It should say “Luongo (spelled correctly) has also . . ..”