Grammar Giggle – Spelling Matters!

A friend sent this to me and I thought I would share it with you. In this case, a misspelling had a happy ending, but that certainly rarely happens.

Ida Holdgreve is credited with being the first female American aerospace worker. She was born in Delphos, Ohio, in 1881. In her 20s she moved to Dayton to look for work. She saw an ad in the paper that advertised for “Plain Sewing Wanted.” She was an excellent seamstress, so she answered the ad. It was, in fact, an ad for “Plane Sewing Wanted” by Orville and Wilbur Wright. Ida became the head seamstress at the Wright Brothers Airplane Factory, sewing the cover for the fuselage, wings, and rudders. Despite her work with airplanes, Ida did not take her first airplane ride until 1969 at age 88.

Happy National Proofreading Day!

Every year we celebrate National Proofreading Day. The holiday was started by Judy Beaver in 2011 in honor of her mother on March 8 (her mother’s birthday), as a fun way to remember her mother, who loved to correct people, and to remind people to proofread!

Thank you for all of your positive comments, topic suggestions, and grammar giggles that you’ve passed along for this blog. Hopefully, you are learning a little something. Please continue to send topic suggestions and grammar giggles my way so we can all continue to hone our proofreading skills.

Grammar Giggle – Convince Me!

I took this photo on a recent trip. I thought they meant “convenience,” but perhaps part of their business is to “convince” people to use tobacco and vape. Plus, since they are using “etc.,” it already includes a period, so you don’t need another one. It is really unfortunate that the sign is so big and so wrong.