Grammar Giggle – Proceeding

I was working on this document recently creating a template for responses to requests for production for one of our attorneys. This is from the original requests. This is another example of an error that spellcheck will not catch because while it IS a legitimate and correctly-spelled word, it is not the CORRECT word. “Proceed” means to advance, as in proceeding in a certain direction, and “precede” means to go before, as in the years preceding 2012. And what is with the random ending bracket? I read it over several times and did not find an opening bracket. I will have to give them this–at least their cut and paste skills were on point because this same error was in every matching paragraph for each request.

Grammar Giggle – During And Robbery

I have a new source of Grammar Giggles: a local news station “breaking news” updates. I don’t read them all, but it seems that every time I actually read one, I find something wrong. This example would pass spell check, but should not pass eye and brain check. And the full name of both Baseline and Power are “Roads,” so that should be capitalized.

Grammar Giggle – Gentleman’s Club

Sorry fellas. It looks like this special club is for only one gentleman at a time. Otherwise, it would be a “gentlemen’s” club. I found this one on my Bar Rescue marathon recently. I particularly liked that Jon Taffer, the star of the show, mentioned that it was misspelled. Now whether he knew that or one of the people working behind the scenes mentioned it, I don’t know, but they did and it caught my attention. When making a word possessive, start with the correct root word. In this case, since the club is for gentlemEn, it should be a gentlemen’s club. And it SHOULD have an apostrophe!