Grammar Giggles – Fee Wi-Fi

With apologies for the hiatus–work and life got in the way–but now I’m back and attempting to get back on schedule! Part of my time recently has been driving back and forth to Albuquerque to pick up and then drop off three of the grandchildren for a visit with their cousins (and us . . . when they had to) in the Phoenix area. The first trip over, I saw this sign near Gallup but was not ready with camera in hand to capture the picture. The second trip over I was ready. There are a couple of possibilities for this error. First, it could just be a case of extremely factual advertising or, second, they could have left a letter out. I’m guessing it is the latter because the fact that you charge for wi-fi when the other 30 signs for other hotels within a mile or two of this sign all tout free wi-fi seems a little like not really wanting the business. I’m anxiously awaiting my next trip because I saw a sign on the way back that I wasn’t ready for . . .

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