Grammar Giggles – Medicine and Conflicting Instructions

Dispensing medicine is a very important profession. And getting the instructions on how to take the medication correct is even more important. That’s why, when a friend forwarded this medicine bottle label to me, I was a little surprisedĀ at the instructions. Look carefully and see if you can see the problem.

Thyroid meds

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One Response to Grammar Giggles – Medicine and Conflicting Instructions

  1. Pamela Starr says:

    I really must learn to put down my beverages and count to ten before reading these posts!

    It reminds me of an old Marcus Welby, M.D. episode in which a Spanish speaking patient was rushed to the ER for a ‘bad reaction’ to his prescription medication. The label said, ‘take once daily’. To a native Spanish speaker ‘once’ is easily misread as 11 . . .