Grammar Giggle – Nice Og!

I was behind this car recently and the magnet caught my eye. With apologies for the dirty windshield (and I was stopped when I took the picture), here we go. When you are the previous generation, you are the “grand.” This holds true for grandson, granddaughter, grandchild, and granddog. The Urban Dictionary defines a GRANDDOG as:

The adorable puppy your son or daughter just adopted in lieu of a human baby… in other words, as close to grandkids as you’re going to get for now.

Check out this adorable sweater I got for my granddog! I’m taking it to him when I visit my son next month.

Thus, the “grandogs” in my picture are apparently “ogs” that this person’s child owns because if it were “dogs,” the magnet would say “I love my granddogs.”


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