The Case of The Stationary Stationery

I was in a CVS drugstore recently looking for something searching the aisle markers trying to find what we needed when this gem caught my eye:


I was taught a long time ago that when you’re talking about products to help you write a lEtter, use the stationEry with an “E.” That tip still holds true. StationAry means to stay in one place unmoving. Unfortunately for CVS they obviously know better because you can see part of an even bigger sign on the wall (but I took another picture to make it easier for you!):


You’ll note that they both have the same Spanish word, so they were attempting to show us where the stationery was located. At least the stationery is stationary!

P.S. – don’t do a Google search for a definition for stationAry, because this will come up:

Stationary images

I’m hoping that is only so they can catch people who don’t know the difference, but I’m scared that that is a very big hope!

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