Grammar Giggle – What Kind Of Wall?

I am posting this to teach proofreading skills NOT as a political statement and I will not tolerate any comments on this blog regarding politics. They will be deleted. If you want to post about politics, there are plenty of places to do that, this just isn’t one of them. Thanks!

This headline recently showed up as “Breaking News” in my email:


Board Wall2

Well, I had a feeling it wasn’t a “Board” Wall they were really discussing, so I clicked on the “Read More” and this is what the article headline actually looked like:


Again, I think this is a product of news outlets moving far too fast to be the first one out with the news and depending too much on spell check. Slow it down, people!

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4 Responses to Grammar Giggle – What Kind Of Wall?

  1. No, you are giving the news agencies way too much credit here. it’s not that they are so keen to rush to get the story out there; they are simply lazy and sloppy in their proofreading and reporting. I blame the internet age for a lot of this laziness. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing correctly, period, full stop.

  2. Brenda says:

    I agree! I’ve tried to trudge through some articles that were so full of errors that they were nearly impossible to read and definitely nearly incomprehensible! Obviously they aren’t even trying to proofread the copy!

    • It definitely has become that way! That used to be one of the best ways to learn new words and how language fits together, but that’s not true anymore. Well, maybe the new words part, but they’re probably not even real words! 🙂