Yeah, Yea, Yay, or No Way!

When your son’s baseball team scores a run, what do you say? Yeah, yea, or yay?

  • Yeah means yes. It means yes informally, but means yes nonetheless.
  • Yea also means yes and is also an affirmative vote (the opposite of nay).
  • Yay is an exclamation used to express joy and excitement, like when your son’s baseball team scores a run.

Hopefully yay is the correct answer to the first question. Is the opposite also true?

  • Nope means no and is informal.
  • Nah also means no and is also informal.
  • Nay is an archaic no and also is a negative vote (the opposite of yea).

Any of these are correct informal replacements for no but none of them is as fun as yay! Let’s make it a point to notice something worthy of a big “YAY!” today!

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