Confusing Words of the Week

Words of the WeekIt’s time for “Confusing Words of the Week” where I take a set of two or three words that get confused and give you definitions and try to give you a memory trick to help you remember when to use which word. If you have words that confuse you, use the Ask PTB tab on the website or send an email to [email protected] and they may appear here soon!

This week’s words are:

Through – by means of; from beginning to end; because of

  • John read the report through multiple times.

Threw – did throw

  • Sally threw her laundry in the washer before she left this morning.

Thorough – exhaustive

  • The report was a thorough summary of the upcoming changes.

Memory tips:

Through – like building a trough, you are going through something

Threw – past tense of throw so just change one letter

Thorough – think of it as more cOmplete so it contains the extra O

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