Grammar Giggle – Back Legs Only

This picture is an example of too much information. It seems that since chickens only have back legs–I think the front “legs” are called “wings”–this language is unnecessary and confusing. But in today’s litigious society, sometimes manufacturers do put what looks like ridiculous information on packaging to cover all of their bases.

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2 Responses to Grammar Giggle – Back Legs Only

  1. Heather L Damron says:

    You are correct. However, the wings also contain a small drumstick. This was probably necessary due to someone complaining because they expected assorted (wing and leg) drumsticks. It is ridiculous they needed to add language explaining the content but probably necessary.

    • says:

      You are correct and I assume the same and also find it ridiculous that such language is needed but lots of people have completely lost the concept of common sense.