Grammar Giggle – What Belongs To The Harrisons?

This was a Facebook ad to entice me to order a personalized welcome mat.

Harrisons original

Unfortunately, the only thing this picture made me do was keep waiting for the rest of the statement. The Harrison’s . . . WHAT? What belongs to the Harrison? What belongs to ONE of the Harrisons? The Single Harrison’s House? The Single Harrison’s Stoop? The Single Harrison’s Porch? Get Off The Single Harrison’s Lawn? Once I clicked on the picture to save it and it took me to the actual website, this is the picture that was showing up there:Harrisons

This one is correct and renewed a little bit of my faith in the fact that someone at this retailer or the marketing company for the retailer actually knows what is correct. More discussion on this topic is at Plurals, Possessives, and Surnames Oh My!

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